Textron MPE-850-MARINE Turbo Service Case MPE 850
Service Case MPE 850

Cylinder Liner
Bolts & Fittings
Oil Cooler Bracket
Plugs & Seals
Generator Cover

Crank Drive
Stub Shaft
Crankcase Cover

Cylinder Head
Valve Cover
Cylinder Head

Valve Train
Rocker Arms

Cooling System
Thermostat Housing
Thermostat Parts
Coolant Pump
Oil Cooler
Expansion Tank
Heat Exchanger
Hoses Supply
Sea Water Hose
Sea Water Hose-2

Exhaust System
Mounting Ex. Manifold
Turbo Bracket
Exhaust Manifold
Waste Gate Valve
Exhaust Cooler

Intake Area
Intake Manifold
Throttle Body
Flame Arrestor

Lubrication System
Dry Sump
Oil Pressure Pump
Oil Pressure Valve
Oil Filter & Bracket
Oil Tank
Hoses Oil Supply
Hose Crankcase Vent
Hoses Oil Supply Turbocharger

Electronics & Fuel Management
Ignition Coil
Throttle Request Unit
Spark Plugs
Fuel Injectors
Throttle Body
Oil Pressure Switch
Boost Pressure Control Valve
ECU & Mounting Hardware
Wire Harness
Fuses, Relays
Fuel Unit
Fuel Pump

Engine Mount
Engine Mount
Lifting Eye
Engine Bracket, Carrier Module

Starter, Generator
Starter, Generator
Rotor, Stator
Relay Starter
Voltage Regulator

Valve Adjustment Kit
Chain Tool
Locking Tool
Crankshaft & Water Pump Seal Tools
MPE 850 Tools
MPE 850 Service Case
Synerject Spare Parts Case
Synerject Diagnostic Case

Quick Links
Water Pump Rebuild Kit
Sacrificial Zinc Anode
Fuel Filter / Fuel Pressure Regulator
External Fuel Filter
Long Block

MPE-850 Overview of Revisions

POS Order # Description QTY
* 105015 Service Case MPE 850 1 Contact Us
The following parts are still available separately:
105041 Oil Filter
Interchanges with Williams 02-0861
104258 Spark Plug RC7PYCBX 4  
104961 Sealing Kit Valve Cover 2    
103136 Serrated Lock Washer 6    
102050 Valve Adjustment Shim 2.85mm 1    
102051 Valve Adjustment Shim 2.90mm 1    
102029 Valve Adjustment Shim 2.95mm 1    
102030 Valve Adjustment Shim 3.00mm 1    
102052 Valve Adjustment Shim 3.05mm 1    
102031 Valve Adjustment Shim 3.10mm 1    
102032 Valve Adjustment Shim 3.15mm 1    
102033 Valve Adjustment Shim 3.20mm 1    
102034 Valve Adjustment Shim 3.25mm 1    
102053 Valve Adjustment Shim 3.30mm 1    
102035 Valve Adjustment Shim 3.35mm 1    
Valve Adjustment Kit 1    
Feeler Gauge 0.05 - 2mm 1    
407892 Sacrificial Anode and seals 1    

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