Textron Engine - MPE-850/1000 Water Pump Repair Kit
Textron Engine Parts - MPE-850/1000 Water Pump Repair Kit

The following parts are included in the water pump repair kit:
Slide Ring Seal, Water Pump Axle, and Sealing Bracket

Order # Description QTY
409097 MPE-850/1000 Water Pump Kit 1 $130.99

This kit requires the Slide Ring Seal Installation Kit: mpe-850-marine-tc-tools-guides-sleeves.html

* You will also need these items *
Closing Cap: mpe-850-ind-na-cooling-system-thermostat-housing.html
Oil cooler seals: mpe-850-marine-tc-cooling-system-oil-cooler.html
Gasket: mpe-850-marine-tc-crankcase-oil-cooler-bracket.html

* You might also need these items *
Water pump impeller: mpe-850-marine-tc-cooling-system-coolant-pump.html
Crankcase sealant: supplies-threebond-liquid-gasket.html
Repair manual: textron-mpe-850-marine-repair-manual.html

For installation tips please visit these links:

For other MPE-850/900/1000 engine parts please go here: engine-parts.html

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