Throttle Cables

MPE-750 Throttle Cables

Our direct replacement throttle cables fit most MPE-750 applications; the full stainless steel construction is very durable and manufactured in the USA.

The B-2005 throttle cable fits all Zodiac/Avon models 2008 & newer equipped with the MPE-750 4-stroke engine.

The 03-0040 throttle cable fit the Williams 2008 - 2014 tenders, and also replaces the C-40 throttle cable for the 2009 - 2014 Nautica models.

Please verify the exact cable needed or contact us for information. Custom lengths are available.

Item # Description Price QTY  
B-2005 Zodiac, Avon Throttle Cable $118.66 1
03-0040 Williams & Nautica Throttle Cable
Fits 2008-2014
$118.66 1
B-2106 Weber MPE-750 Throttle cable. 81.25” (2.06m) $118.66 1
B-2107 Weber MPE-750 Throttle cable. 93” (2.36m) $122.66 1
03-0023 Williams 2006 & 2007 Bosch Throttle Cable
$64.39 1

Textron MPE-850 Throttle Cables

The barrel-rod throttle cable configuration is used for many MPE-850 applications that use the 406547 Textron / Weber Throttle request unit;

The Williams 2015-2019 Tenders equipped with the Weber / Textron MPE-850 engine do not use a throttle cable. They use a “fly by wire” TPS system integrated in the 07-0325 shift controller;

Item # Description Price QTY  
B-2807 Throttle cable barrel-rod 84" (2.13m) $143.96 1
B-2808 Throttle cable barrel-rod 96" (2.44m) $159.36 1
B-2111 Throttle cable barrel-rod 141" (3.58m) $160.47 1
B-2112 Throttle cable barrel-rod 153" (3.66m) $165.47 1

Jet Ski Throttle Cables

Our throttle cable is compatible with all Weber throttle bodies and most throttle levers. The 94" outer cable length is designed for Hydrospace S4 Jet-Ski and other Weber based units that require a "finger operated" throttle lever. These throttle cables work well for most Kawasaki, Yamaha & “stand up” jet ski’s.

Not for Zodiac, Novurania, Williams or other rib-style marine equipment. Please see above for your particular application. Available in M6 x 1.00mm and M10 x 1.25mm threaded end sizes.

Item # Description Price QTY  
CBL002 Weber 6mm Throttle Cable $71.55 1
CBL001 Weber 10mm Throttle Cable $110.50 1

Two-Stroke Yacht Tender Throttle Cable

Throttle cable for Zodiac, Avon & Nautica Tenders equipped with the Yamaha two-stroke engine.

Not for Zodiac, Novurania, Williams or other rib style marine equipment with the Textron / Weber MPE-750 and 850 engine.

Please check here for other throttle, steering & shift cables;

Item # Description Price QTY  
CBL002 Zodiac/Avon 2002-2005 Tender w/ 2-stroke Engine (For M6x1.00 Throttle lever) $71.55 1
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