Weber Polaris FS/FST Fuel Pump
Engine Parts - Weber Polaris FS/FST Fuel Pump

Its increased capacity offers fuel delivery for both stock 110 Hp and 160-180 Hp applications. The pump is rated at 400 KPA fuel pressure & 150 Liters per hour. The maximum current draw is 6.6 amps, and the rating is based on 14 Volts. This is a direct "in tank" replacement fuel pump.

* Note * The Polaris FS & FST will require changing the wiring harness connector to use this fuel pump.
(The connector is included with the fuel pump kit).

Please contact us if you need a fuel pump for other applications.

Order # Description QTY
6810-1 Weber Polaris FS/FST Fuel Pump 1 $149.84
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