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Engine Electrical - Textron / Weber / Williams Sparkplugs

The Champion RC7PYCB Platinum Tip Sparkplug is used in Textron MPE-850 & MPE-900 engines. Part# SP-2108. Same as Williams 02-0850.

The Champion RC7YC3 Normally Aspirated Sparkplug is used in the Weber MPE-750 normally aspirated engine. This includes the Redline UTV, and Polaris FS Snowmobile engines. Part# SP-2109

NGK Iridium Sparkplugs: BKR6EIX - BKR9EIX
These sparkplugs are an excellent choice if you are looking to tune your engine for a specific heat range. Part# SP-2110 - SP-2113

Nippon Denso Iridium IK-27 U-Groove Sparkplug
The Iridium Power plug delivers greater spark energy while demanding significantly less secondary required voltage from the ignition system. Part# SP-2114

Order # Description QTY
SP-2107 RC7PYCB Platinum Tip Sparkplug 2 $15.14
02-0060 Williams RC7PYCB Platinum Tip Sparkplug 2 $15.14
SP-2108 RC7PYCB Platinum Tip Sparkplug 2 $15.14
02-0850 RC7PYCB Platinum Tip Sparkplug 2 $15.14
SP-2109 RC7YC3 Normally Aspirated Sparkplug 2 $15.14
SP-2110 NGK BKR8EIX Iridium Tip Sparkplug 2 $15.14
SP-2111 NGK BKR9EIX Iridium Tip Sparkplug 2 $15.14
SP-2112 NGK BKR7EIX Iridium Tip Sparkplug 2 $15.14
SP-2113 NGK BKR6EIX Iridium Tip Sparkplug 2 $15.14
SP-2114 Nippon Denso Iridium IK-27 Sparkplug 2 $15.14
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