Weber Engine Parts - Weber Marine Turbocharger Upgrade

Increase your performance potential by upgrading your marine turbocharger.

We completely rebuild your existing turbocharger with new seals, bushings & bearings, and also upgrade to larger turbine & compressor wheels. The turbocharger is also balanced for increased efficiency. * The exhaust manifold must be re-machined to accept the larger turbine wheel* Works best on “big bore” or high horsepower engines.

You might be interested in out Turbocharger install kit:

Order # Description QTY Price  
K03-UP Weber Marine Turbocharger Upgrade 1 $1620.82

We also offer a complete new turbocharger & exhaust manifold assembly. This comes completely assembled & ready to install.

Order # Description QTY Price  
K03-UP-OEM New Marine Turbocharger & Exhaust Manifold Assembly 1 $2633.75

Rebuilt Marine Turbocharger with Compressor Wheel Upgrade
We offer a rebuilt turbocharger with a Compressor wheel upgrade for increased performance. This is a rebuilt cartridge assembly with the larger compressor wheel only, but not the larger Turbine wheel. The larger turbine wheel would require exhaust manifold modification. This will fit directly into your existing exhaust manifold. The turbocharger is 100% reconditioned using Weber authorized components for optimal performance. *You must send your complete turbocharger for rebuilding & modification*

Order # Description QTY Price  
TC-4242-RM-UP Rebuilt Marine Turbocharger with Compressor Wheel Upgrade 1 $1260.00
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