Weber Parts - Extreme Duty Intake and Exhaust Valves

Our Weber MPE-750 exhaust valves are designed to withstand severe exhaust temperatures that are usually caused by increasing the performance on the engine. The valves work efficiently with a turbocharged, high horsepower engine.
*The larger inlet and exhaust valves require machining of cylinder head*

Intake Valves:
Order # Description QTY Price  
10-3102 +2mm Stainless intake valve 1 $50.49

Exhaust Valves:
Order # Description QTY Price  
10-3103 Inconel replacement for OEM Exhaust valve 1 $74.95
10-3104 +2mm Inconel exhaust valve 1 $85.95
10-3105 +2mm Sodium filled exhaust valve 1 $68.24

You might need our Titanium Valve spring retainers to reduce valve float:

Titanium Valve springs might be required for higher horsepower engines:

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